Physician Referral Network Case Study

Client Information

Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices MD (aesthetics) provides products and services to over 3,800 plastic surgery practices nationwide. The company utilizes an API to distribute qualified leads to their physician base. A zip code mapping application distributes sales leads to their physician practices on a round robin basis. A practice marketing dashboard is used to status the leads and track sales conversions. J & J utilizes a national sales force to recruit new medical practices leveraging the benefits of their patient marketing platform.


Their internal marketing team was having difficulties scaling patient to physician lead volumes and controlling their patient marketing costs.

Our team performed a comprehensive needs analysis with the client to set clear expectations and goals:

Drive high volume, qualified sales leads through various media placements Implement an API to distribute leads Incorporate auto responder technology Lower patient acquisition costs while increasing market share. Target prime prospects by age, demo, gender Create a performance based pricing structure (CPL pricing)


Customer feedback sessions were conducted to gain a very clear understanding of the new patient acquisition process to create a target profile of the “highest-value” customers.

Our marketing solution included:

  • Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Creative Development
  • Media Placement
  • Campaign Management
  • Database Integration
  • Market Segmentation Strategies
  • Call Center Telephone Scripting and Management
  • Ongoing feedback sessions
  • Optimization of highest performing media based on client feedback

Clear and direct consumer messaging, value propositions and call to action statements were developed utilizing private label brands. The brands were positioned as cosmetic surgery referral networks where consumers receive free consultations from highly trained specialists in their local area.

A data collection structure, filtering and lead distribution process was co-developed. A custom database interface was implemented to direct post the patient information into the client’s database. The integration allowed the physician practice’ to access the baseline patient information without having to re- enter data or repeat questions to the prospect.

Custom ads were created in a variety of formats and more than 40 different media placements were made with a wide array of performance-based publishers.

After the initial campaign launch, several technology, media and process changes were implemented to increase overall campaign effectiveness.. Data collection/filtering, lead hygiene and validation rules and systems were implemented to improve lead quality. Specialized call center agents confirmed the data to validate intent. Media and ad placements were optimized to achieve the highest possible return on investment.

Monthly feedback sessions were utilized to close the marketing loop and continue increasing campaign performance.

Key drivers for increasing campaign effectiveness were filtering leads by procedure and interest, testing different ad copy / messaging / benefit and call to action statements, changing and adding new images / graphics, optimizing landing page format and navigation, changing and adding media placements, adjusting form design, making script changes, and providing specialized agent training and development.


We managed all facets of the campaign to constantly optimize performance. Continuous management involvement and customer feedback sessions were used to dynamically improve the campaign’s performance. While actual figures are confidential, we generated a very high return that resulted in our client increasing their monthly marketing budget and entering into a long-term renewal contract. J & J was a customer for a 5-year period.