Are you looking to rapidly increase high-quality inbound calls to your call center sales team?
Only pay for qualified inbound calls and leads with Live Calls Network.

Live Calls Network provide advertisers with access to millions of qualified prospects through our proprietary network of pre-screened pay per call publishers specifically tailored for inbound call centers and call aggregators.

Get exposure to a large network of customer prospects and only pay for ad placement when your inbound call center or call network receives qualified new customer calls. With high call volume available in several market sectors seasoned industry experts supporting your business and millions of phone call ads served on our network every month, you’ll see superior results with LCN.

Leverage Our Pay Per Call Advertising Reach and Only Pay for Results

If you are looking to drive qualified in-bound calls or generate form fill leads for your call center or network, let us assist you and put the power of performance marketing behind your business to generate guaranteed and quantifiable results.

For over 20 years, our advertising platform has generated millions of targeted customer prospects using a wide array of media from our large base of performance based publishers. Our advertisers get access to industry leading pay-per-call and lead generation advertising programs.

Benefits of working with Live Calls Network:

  • No set up, call routing, call reporting/tracking or call recording fees
  • Pay only for qualified inbound calls or leads
  • Easy tracking, call reporting, recordings and analysis
  • Generate high volume sales while consistently hitting your target metrics

LCN’s approach to performance marketing achieves scalability while maintaining high conversion rates. Clients from a broad range of market sectors have partnered with Live Calls Network to benefit from high performance pay per call marketing services.
Experience the power of advanced pay per call performance marketing to expand for your call center with a leader in the performance marketing industry.

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    Our custom campaigns achieve best in class results by delivering exclusive, high intent inbound calls generated from search, social media, display ads, form fills, offline and streaming media.

    • Google Call-Only and Microsoft (Bing) Call-Extension ads – Paid search generated high-intent consumers ready to take action now.
    • Facebook Call-to-Action ads – various click-to-call ad formats are used to scale inbound call volume through the mass reach of the Facebook network.
    • Online Display ads – banner and text copy pay-per-call ads are placed in online display networks to generate inbound phone calls.
    • Opt-in Email Lists – phone number based ads are delivered to consumers via opt-in email consumer databases.
    • Lead-to-Call Transfer – Real-time, IVR screened inbound calls are auto generated when a consumer submits an online form fill.
    • Screened Call Transfers – Inbound screened calls are generated by TCPA compliant USA based call centers.
    • TV / Radio / OTT ads – LCN utilizes offline media to drive high quality inbound calls. Branded and non-branded ads are available.