Pay Per Call

Pay-Per-Call is part and parcel of a much larger mechanism in the marketing space — Performance Marketing. In order to understand the value and functionality of Pay-Per-Call, you need to understand how Performance Marketing works and how it gives your business an advantage in a mobile, multi-channel world. One way to think of Performance Marketing is how traditional display ads come to life.

Benefits of Pay Per Call

Higher quality leads

Precision targeted advertising

More conversions

More motivated end users

More revenue

Our custom campaigns achieve best in class results by delivering exclusive, high intent inbound calls generated from search, social media, display ads, form fills, offline and streaming media.

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Google Call-Only and Microsoft (Bing) Call-Extension Ads

Paid search generated high-intent consumers ready to take action now.

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Facebook Call-to-Action Ads

Various click-to-call ad formats are used to scale inbound call volume through the mass reach of the Facebook network.

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Lead-to-Call Transfer

Real-time, IVR screened inbound calls are auto generated when a consumer submits an online form fill.

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Opt-in Email Lists

Phone number based ads are delivered to consumers via opt-in email consumer databases.

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Screened Call Transfers

Inbound screened calls are generated by TCPA compliant USA based call centers.

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TV / Radio / OTT Ads

LCN utilizes offline media to drive high quality inbound calls. Branded and non-branded ads are available.