Pay Per Call

Pay-Per-Call is part and parcel of a much larger mechanism in the marketing space -- Performance Marketing. In order to understand the value and functionality of Pay-Per-Call, you need to understand how Performance Marketing works and how it gives your business an advantage in a mobile, multi-channel world. One way to think of Performance Marketing is how traditional display ads come to life. This real-time engagement and interactivity provides a lot of advantages to businesses, including:
  • Higher quality leads
  • Precision targeted advertising
  • More conversions
  • More motivated end users
  • More revenue

Pay-Per-Call technology is a system of three different components that work in tandem. These components are:

Call Attribution

Optimize your marketing approach by tracking calls back to marketing component that drove it-- i.e. ad or landing page

Call Routing

Use optimized, real-time data, including keyword terms and caller location, to route calls more effectively.


Confirm lead quality and oversee charges more efficiently via call analytics and recordings.