Drug & Alcohol Addiction/ Rehab Pay Per Call Leads

Inbound Addiction / Rehab Calls – Boost your Intake Call Center

Live Calls Network provides high intent alcohol and drug addiction / rehab inbound calls primarily driven by search, display and native ad placements. Our content and screening services verify that your filters are met to deliver the best prospects based on your custom criteria. With the highest quality calls driven by the most effective channels, LCN helps you scale your inbound call center while maximizing profits and meeting your cost per admission goals.

Scale your addiction center, rehab center or addiction marketing firm with the help of Live Calls Network. The LCN team works diligently to help you to meet your quarterly intake goals and rehab center sales objectives. Inbound calls from LCN can be 10x more effective than other lead generation strategies including traditional web forms.

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Work with Live Calls Network to generate

Addiction / Rehab Leads, Detox Leads or Substance Abuse Leads

Take advantage of high converting Addiction/ Rehab or Detox Inbound Calls

Generate more profit and new leads for your alcohol, substance abuse, detox, drug addiction or rehab center

Your inpatient treatment center can focus on healing and not lead generation or advertising

Meet cost per admit goals and scale marketing efforts

Only pay for qualified inbound calls based on your required lead generation criteria

Nationwide 24/7 Campaigns

At Live Calls Network We:

Work with medium to large inbound addiction call centers and rehab intake facilities

Only work with experienced, high-quality call affiliates in the addiction / rehab industry

Customize pay per call campaigns to focus on your specific market segments

Have a team that works diligently to help you to meet your intake goals for alcohol addiction or drug rehab

Are Addiction / Rehab and Detox lead generation experts

Can create highly specialized campaigns to deliver inbound calls

Follow all industry standards for compliance

Are typically ranked as a top 25% provider with results at or better than in-house marketing campaigns.